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Why do we need Travel Insurance?

It covers trip cancellation due to illness, death or medical family emergencies. It covers stolen, lost or damaged baggage, trip delay and medical insurance, including emergency medical transportation. The insurance company offers emergency assistance anywhere in the world. We recommend insurance both domestically and internationally.

Why can’t we use a check to pay for travel insurance?

The insurance company requires us to collect insurance by credit card.

Do students need a passport/picture ID when traveling as part of a group?

If the Students are traveling domestically, we would recommend a state ID as given by the state driver’s license offices. Passports are required for all international travel including Canada and Mexico.

Are our deposits that we make to Celestial Travel and Tours protected?

As a member of SYTA your payments are protected by the Student Youth Travel Association bonding program (conditions apply).

Who do parents call if they have questions regarding trip payments?

Contact the school representative who in turn contacts Celestial Travel and Tours.

Will Celestial Travel and Tours set up a payment plan for the school?

Celestial Travel and Tours will provide a payment schedule that will meet the needs of the group.

Is it possible to make payments using a credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We send out credit card authorizations forms to the school representative. These forms may be picked up from the representative, filled out, and then returned to the school to reflect their payment; the school representative will forward them on to CT&T for processing.

Does Celestial Travel and Tours carry liability insurance?

CT & T carries a Professional liability insurance policy. In addition, CT&T carries a Professional Errors and Omissions insurance policy as further protection.

Will someone come to the school to give a presentation to the parents?

CT&T will send a tour specialist to the first and the final meeting to give your group all necessary information including itineraries and explanation of all forms.

Will the trip be accompanied by a Celestial representative from start to finish?

A Celestial representative will meet your group at the departure airport and will accompany them throughout the tour.

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