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Classroom experiences are brought alive during a trip with Celestial Travel and Tours. Our group specialists will design an itinerary around your interests: let it be history, foreign language, sports. Celestial's knowledgeable staff and local guides provide fascinating, entertaining, and fun educational tours. Your students will experience "memories of a lifetime".

The safety of your students is of the utmost concern to Celestial Travel & Tours. Our experienced tour guides are there every step of the tour, to insure the safety and well being of your students.

Our Services Include

  • Setting up museum tours, culinary experiences or foreign language opportunities
  • Provide historical experiences such as museums and historical tours
  • Provide foreign language learning experiences through out the world
  • Set up Invitational sports matches
  • Celestial Travel and Tours will research and include appropriate attractions and tours that will not only be educational but also entertaining and fun
  • Provide a Celestial Travel representative for a special promotional evening at your first parent meeting
  • Provide a parent information sheet
  • Provide parental permission forms
  • Provide all necessary medical permission forms
  • Provide your group with an easy payment schedule
  • Provide your group with quality accommodations
  • An experienced Celestial Travel guide will assist you throughout the tour
  • Celestial Travel & Tours will help you select a destination which will accommodate your budget and provide memories of a life time for your group
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