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Each traveler is allowed one standard piece of luggage. There is room on the motor coaches (and on airlines) for an additional small carry-on bag and purse or camera case. More tour specific information will be included in your predarture packet, which will be provided 21 days prior to tour departure. Luggage will be stored in the locked storage departments under the motorcoach during over-the-road travel and transferred to/from your hotel room by porters; hotel porterage and airport porter fees are included in your tour package.


AIRLINE LUGGAGE FEES (for tours including air flights):

Most airlines are currently assessing fees for luggage. These fees are every changing and, therefore, have not been included in the cost of your tour package. We will provide information in your predeparture packet regarding these fees. The tour director will be available at the airport to assist with the check-in and boarding procedures.


We charter newer model well maintained motorcoaches from established companies with high safety and referral ratings. These coaches are equipped for your comfort, with restrooms, air conditioning and a PA system. No smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed on the coach.



Seats are not pre-assigned for day trips.

Seats are pre-assigned for multi-day trips, but are rotated on a regular basis (as determined by the Tour Director). This ensures that everyone has as opportunity to enjoy a variety of views and get to know each other more quickly. Please note that seats cannot be "reserved" or designated for specific travelers, but the office should be contacted with special seating requests and needs prior to tour departure for assessment.

Paying a Single price does not guarantee that you will not be seated with another traveler when necessary.



We select properties designed to provide you with a clean, safe and comfortable tour experience. These hotels must meet our requirements and standards, which includes nonsmoking rooms and, porterage for luggage.



We cannot always guarantee, but will always try and accommodate special requests regarding food, rooming, travel needs, etc. We would request that you notify our office upon registration with your request(s) to allow us time to pursue these matters. Please contact your tour director while traveling regarding these requests or any additional issues or requests that arise during travel.

Travelers requiring special assistance are responsible for advising our office staff about any "Special Needs or Disabilities" that could affect the operation of the tour. All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate you, but our Tour Directors and Motorcoach Drivers cannot provide individual assistance for walking or walkers, wheelchairs or other personal needs. We would request that you travel with a partner that will provide personal assistance to make your tour as comfortable and enjoyable for yourself and your fellow travelers. Please be aware that outside the U.S.A., the Americans with Disability Act is not applicable and facilities for disabled individuals are limited, if nonexistent in some areas of the world.



Information will be provided regarding the current policies pertaining to Passports and Visas for International Travel for each specific tour. Any type of Visa necessary to visit another company will be included in the tour price. These items must be carried with you for the length of your tour.



Punctuality is necessary to keep the tour schedule for our activities.

Please limit cell phone use to breaks and stops.




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